Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jesus' Final Words

In John 15, while leading His disciples by night from the upper room through the hillside vineyards below the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus pauses to give them one final lesson.

"Grapes," He says, "are what branches are all about."

He goes on to give a basic vine-tending analogy that will forever remain in their memories as His last word picture before His arrest & crucifixion. Branches grow, they bear fruit, then they are pruned back so they will grow more & bear even more fruit. And when they fall into the mud, the Vinedresser does what it takes to correct them & "take them up" (Gk. "ai-roe") from where they were to where they should be.

Growth, harvest, pruning, & sometimes discipline... can you feel the rhythm of this life?

We are all in a season. We would do well to discern what season we are in now so that we can actively cooperate with both the Vine & the Vinedresser as branches eager to surrender what is to be pruned, embrace what is to be grown, & engage in what is to be harvested.

So... what season are you in?

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