Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just A Sparrow

Ivy wrote...

I'm just a sparrow. I know that God created humanity to be set apart and holy, to be different and chosen and images of Him. But often times I'd just love to be His sparrow. Created to sing and to soar. Loving and trusting Him without fail. Living to my full potential. Spreading my wings and never looking down. Sometimes humanity can't handle that. Sometimes that includes me.

And so in my life right now, I'm just on yet another current of the wind that He is using to direct me where I need to go during this season. He is my provider. I go where He provides "warmth and food". Where else would I rather be. I'm learning not to question the current, but to fly with it! Let Him lead me and enjoy it! Live it!

He changes me with the seasons of my soul: (a song that I hope to be heard at my funeral!)

Every evening sky an invitation to trace the patterned stars.
And early in July a celebration for freedom that is ours.
I notice you in children's games.
In those who watch them from the shade.
Every drop of sun is full of fun and wonder.
You are summer.

Even when the trees have just surrendered to the Harvest time.
Forfeiting their leaves in late september, sending us inside.
Still I notice You when change begins, and I am braced for colder winds.
I will offer thanks fore what has been and whats to come.
You are Autumn.

Still I notice You when branches crack and in my breath on frosted glass.
Even now in death You open doors for life to enter.
You are winter.

Now what was frozen through has bravely surfaced, teaching us to breath.
And what was frozen through is newly purposed turning all things green.
So it is with you and how you make me new in every season's change.
And so it will be as you are recreating me...Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

And a song He sings through me:

If I were just a sparrow
I'd fly from the highest tree
I'd spread my wings and face the wind
Let it carry me

I'd taste my maker's love in the way He lifts me up.
I'd feel His joy, I'd feel His joy, and I'd sing.

Who knows freedom better than me?
Who trusts Jesus when there's only one seed?
Every winter He provides for me.
He's all I need, He's all I need.

Just a Sparrow loved by God.
Let me sing your song
In the windows of my brothers
so they might hear of Your love.

Every feather on my wing is tended to, whether broken bruised or bare.
Father, let me show them why i know you're still there
Every season.

Life is too short to only walk on land. Take courage, find joy, feel peace and take flight!

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John Lynch said...

Hey Ivy -

I've had friends here in Chicago express their thanks for this.

Thanks for the blessing.