Friday, July 29, 2005

The Problem of Evil & God

Don't feel guilty for laughing... I burst out in the middle of the library where I discovered this little satirical jewel.

But when you're done, it might be good to pause for a moment & consider the innumerable people out there who believe this is actually how life works. How else can the concept of an all-powerful God be reconciled with the harsh reality of evil & specifically victimization in the world?

If this isn't how it works, then why do bad things happen to innocent (or at least less guilty) people?

I know it's tempting for those of us numbed by Christian rhetoric to consider that question redundant. But as much as it has been asked throughout the history of humankind, we must allow ourselves & others to revisit it again and again... for as long as we are confronted by the ugliness of our world's circumstances.

It's a classic question with a long history & a spicy host of related theological propositions. But aside from the classic historical sources, a recent interaction with the topic is available on Brett's thoughtful blog posts, "Bad Stuff and The Sovereignt of God" & "The Beautiful."

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