Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lord, light me up in tangerine!

Dear Lord,

I stopped at an intersection not too long ago, one i stop at frequently but never noticed what i did this time. There was a view that was unarguably painted by you. Across the train tracks and down the road several miles there is a mountain that you built who knows how long ago. And over the tip top of it, a layer of clouds with a tint of tangerine. I can't say that i haven't seen simliar sights or that at some points i haven't seen some that are far more fabulous, but this one in particular on this day was exactly the vision of you i needed to see.

Sometimes i feel so ordinary. In fact, most of the time i fear being ordinary. I'm average size, average height, average hair color, average physique, average, average, snoring, boring. I think if that mountain had a heart it could've related. but in the light that day, it was absolutely admirable!

You've made us all to be someone in particular, on purpose, with a passion. We've all heard it before. Each of us has a task in this life and a personality to go with it that would make us light up like that mountain, painting an image of you unlike any other.

Show me.


John Lynch said...

Awesome. And amen.

Al said...

Anyone who knows you knows that you're anything but ordinary! When I see you, I DO see tangerine! I see God's hope and joy in your smile.
I wish we lived closer so I could see that more often!