Thursday, November 10, 2005

Life is a Team Sport

Our Triune God exists in both diversity and unity at the same time. His desire for and His image in us compels us to do the same.

Ever watch a golfer win the U.S. Open? ...or a tennis player win at Wimbledon? Now compare that with the victories you've seen in football's Superbowl or baseball's World Series. There is a huge difference in victory celebrations, isn't there? When is the last time you saw a dogpile on the golf course? ...or a head-butting, body-slam on the tennis court? Football, baseball, hockey, soccer... these victorious eruptions are full-contact, butt-slapping, dog-piling, bone-breaking, body-slamming, shirt-waving, energy-in-motion events that could cost women and children their lives if ever accidently caught in the fray.

What's the difference? Simple... It's team. There is an energy in team games that is absent in individualistic sports.

I had breakfast with another fella from the church today. We spent 2 1/2 hours at "Grandma's Table" caffenating ourselves to the point of cardiac arrest as we talked about family, ministry, and ways we might allow God to break loose in and thru us. As we prepared to leave, part of me wanted to jump over the table, slap him on the butt, and run around the restaurant shirtless, yelling, "Goal!" ... and I don't think it was just the coffee talking. I LOVE playing on the team.

Ministry, like life, is a team sport. I need these kinds of interactions regularly to keep my passion up. Maybe you do too?

Peace in Christ,

- J

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