Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Am Not... But I Am Compelled

I am not an evangelist in giftedness... but as I consume more life from the God I meet with every day, I am compelled to share that life with those who need it. I am not a mercy-giver by nature... but as I absorb the love of God, standing in His presence, I am compelled to care... deeply... for those around me. I am not patient by any inclination... but as I discern more of the grand plan and vision that God allows me access to, I am compelled to embrace His timing & resist the temptation to rush it.

Some stand upon an application of personal impetus in Hebrews 12:4, that they, themselves, seek to... "...resist [sin] to the point of shedding blood in [their] striving..." I, however, though not qualified to speak on this or any matter, have found in my own striving that only work oriented toward & motivated by relational intimacy with Christ results in any good thing. It is not my working toward character or godliness, but my working toward intimacy with Christ that results in my increasing character & godliness... all to the praise of the glory of the One who illuminates each of us, as He did the face of Moses, but with greater permanence in our case.

So, I am not capable of godly pursuit... but as I pursue my relationship with Christ through time with Him on His terms, I am finding godliness is being formed in me. What a miraculous wonder... this life Christ is living through me & all His children who have become enamoured & entranced by His love & person.

And when I limit or delay my visitation with my Lord, I am capable of ever-more rotten death & destruction.

"O Lord, may my eyes see only You and what You show me. I am a child on the stormy sea, clinging to the hand of my water-walking Savior. I love You so... very... much. Oh, thank You, Father, for loving us with such great loving-kindness."

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