Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Progression of Life

In Genesis 1, God through Jesus created life from a dead earth ("tohu" & "bohu"... "formless and void"). But before life, God first introduced light, revealing & exposing the ugly desolation of the planet. Then He set ordered boundaries by organizing land, sea, & sky. After that, He created life.

In John 1, God through Jesus introduces life to spiritually dead humanity. But before life, He first introduces light... the truth of our sinfulness & falling short of His glory. Then He set ordered boundaries by explaining the call to totally surrender, the call of discipleship, the conditions in which life can flourish. After that, He provided life to all who embraced the light (repentance) & surrendered to Him & His terms.

I am one such person who embraced His light of truth & His order of lordship & received, in turn, His life. Why then do I so often turn back to the darkness & stray outside of those boundaries within which spiritual life flows & grows?

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