Monday, January 09, 2006

A Shepherd's Prayer

Psalm 69:5-6... "O God, it is You who knows my folly; and my wrongs are not hidden from You. May those who wait for You not be ashamed through me, O Lord God of hosts; May those who seek You not be dishonored through me..."

"Please, Lord... This is my prayer. You know all the ways I have, do, & will sin. You see how childish & immature I so frequently am. You see how lazy & distracted & selfish I can be. And here I am, sitting in the office of shepherd for these 50 people. Father, I feel so inadequate; & I am still so full of self-doubt... though I know it is You who does the building. And yet, I can obstruct Your work if You intend it to flow through me, right? So I doubt. I even fear. O Father, 'May those who seek You not be dishonored through me.' Please lead me. Incline my heart to obedience. Form this team. Bring us a worship director. Give us what we need to be & do all You desire to Your glory."

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