Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lynch Quick-Ministry-Update

Hi friends & family. Here's the latest...

The Lord has blessed us with five people who have agreed to serve as the Ministry Leadership Team of Park Place Baptist Church. We'll gather monthly to discern the leading of God for the whole church... it's a big deal & a major praise!

We have 2 small groups up and running really well... I'm leading both & am eager to give one away & finish training the other one so they can divide & start groups of their own.

We have a possible Worship / Music Director who will be visiting Sunday. Please pray for this! We really need some help on the front end of our service.

Also, turning the corner from a "me-focused" survival-emphasizing culture to becoming a "others-focused" mission-emphasizing culture is really hard for this community. Making steps toward that end will be painful.

Aleta's doing great in school. She's participating in an artists' small group & continues to be my encourager by her fervent habits of seeking God. We still live on the seminary campus & participate in that community (praise the Lord for them). And our Willow Creek Community Church small group (led by someone else) is another great community.

I'm counseling 4 people regularly now & will probably have one or two more within the next couple weeks. God's really blessing there & continues to pour our His Spirit of healing in new & increasingly mind-blowing ways. That ministry is HUGELY fulfilling for me & I thank God for the encouragement I receive from it.

Thanks for your love & prayer. Life & peace in Christ to you all.

Your fellow servant,

~ John

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