Saturday, March 25, 2006

Four-Fold Pattern ... Remix

Last post, I mentioned discovering a four-fold, cyclical, pattern or progression in Scripture ...

1) Love ... 2) Light ... 3) Reception of Faith ... 4) Life

I mentioned the creation motif as an example ...

1) God's LOVE moved His creative impulse;
2) So, He shined His LIGHT into the darkness
3) The earth RECEIVED His light & allowed Him to create the foundations of life (FAITH)
4) God created LIFE out of the formerly "formless & void" earth

I also applied it to the salvation experience ...

1) God so LOVED the world
2) He shines the LIGHT of His truth on our own sinfulness & need
3) Those who RECEIVE His light in FAITH (repentence - confessing the truth) allow Him to lay the foundations of life
4) God creates LIFE out of our formerly dead in sin selves

I thought of another way to look at it too, though, by thinking of how we participate in God's creative, life-giving work through procreation. (yeah ... it's a sex analogy) ...

1) We LOVE our spouse
2 & 3) We RECEIVE our spouses intimate LIGHT on our nakedness, even with all of our flaws (like God shines His light on us, inviting us to be revealed as we are, naked in His sight - even with all of our sin & flaws) - trusting, in FAITH, he/she will not reject us in our vulnerability
4) Through that intercourse of LIGHT & RECEIVING FAITH, we produce LIFE in conception & childbirth.

So, what do you think?

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Ordinary Radical said...

John...Ive been thinking about how to respond to this but I cant think of anything to add to it. You make an interesting observation that I have never heard of before. Keep going. You have an acute sense of knowledge that god has certainly blessed you with.