Thursday, March 16, 2006

Four-Fold Pattern

I think I'm discovering a four-fold, cyclical, pattern in Scripture that runs from pre-Genesis thru post-Revelation. It's this...

1) Love
2) Light
3) Faith
4) Life

In other words ...
1) God loves;
2) So, God shines His light (truth, wisdom, knowledge, etc.) into the darkness (deception, lies, untruth, ignorance, etc.).
3) We respond (as the earth itself responded in Gen 1) by receiving His light (truth) even though it exposes us in our undone state ... something Scripture most often calls faith.
4) The product is life ... in us & thru us.

One of the results of life is that we now love. So it really is true that "we love because He first loved us".

The pattern is crazy-strong enough in Johannine theology... but I've been blown away to find elsewhere too! Or rethink the creation account... God loved the world, though it was formless & void. So he brought life to the world (exposing its great need). The world received the light typologically, giving rise to structure (faith)... the fertile foundation for life. And then, of course, abundant life.

Love, Light, Faith, Life. It's in Ephesians. It's in Hebrews. What is this? What are the implications?

We love people. So we speak the truth in love (light), hoping they receive it & open to a new faith / foundation that will give rise to new life.

Other implications?


Ordinary Radical said...

You are amazing...your insight is such a gift.

John Lynch said...

Thanks for your encouragement Grant! We are EACH so abundantly resourced, aren't we? Praise God for how He uses EVERY SINGLE one of us in our unique ways!