Saturday, March 11, 2006

Home Sweet Home vs. The Open Road

Last Friday, Aleta & I had dinner with our friends, Eric & Laura (cool people, fo' shizzle). We talked about how (as a total generalization) it seems West-Coasters embrace change so eagerly while MidWesterners embrace ideals of home & family more. It is entirely likely that people living in Chicagoland today are no more than an hour's drive away (or even 15 minutes) from the neighborhood their grandparents lived most of their adult lives in. What is this polite, home-bound place? And how can it be so with such a super-urban downtown only 40 minutes away? Sure, there are exceptions, like Eric, who's jet-setting family is even now returning from China; but what massive cultural differences exist ... even among our own ethnic group, age demographic, & country!

I'm such a tourist here... soaking in the motivational sights & learning that just because people speak the same language & watch the same TV doesn't mean we aren't radically different in many often-overlooked cultural values. I wonder if some of the many Phoenix people I know who launched out into ministry in other areas of the country (some even to Chicago) might still be in ministry today if they had discovered this truth of culture?

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