Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dog in my Profile?

So, a friend recently asked me why I have a dog in place of my profile picture. I replied...

You know, I'm surprised no one's ever asked me that before!

For me, it's a reminder toward humility... that while I am an image-bearing creation & child of God, I'm also mortal & relatively limited in my simple-minded abilities to understand the deeper things in life. I am dependent on my Master, Jesus Christ. And I want, more than anything else, to simply be His grateful, loyal, joy-filled servant who's highest aspiration is a good 'scratch-between-the-ears' by His loving hand.

(Also... some say that dog looks a lot like me & has a better smile!)

1 comment:

Aaron Esh said...

Hi John,

The dog might have you on the smile but you got the dog in the ears catagory.

Awesome servants heart man, hope things are going well for you. I'll be in Chicago for Moody Pastor's Confrence next month. It would be cool to see you again brother.

Your brother in Christ,

Aaron Esh