Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Schizophrenic Friend

I have a new friend who is schizophrenic. He hallucinates, hears voices, & sees visions. He has delusions of grandeur, low impulse control, & complex paranoid delusions. He bounces from depressed melancholy to short bursts of swearing & side-note dirty jokes. He believes he is a prophet of God & has much of the Word memorized, but finds the lines between Scripture & Star Trek blurred.

How do you tell the difference between mental illness & demonization?
When do you start or stop medicating? I could really use some thought on this one.

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kevin beck said...

interesting question. How do you know the difference b/w mental illness and demonization? How do you know the difference b/w mental illness and inspiration? Ezekiel, John (Revelation), Paul being caught into the 3rd heaven? Interesting stuff.

John Lynch said...

I hadn't thought of that Kevin! That touches on a number of visionary experiences defended by other religions & faith systems too. My wife & talked about your point last night & she reminded me that "the mind set on the Spirit is life & peace" (Romans 8:6). Maybe, with that, it's a little easier to tell between inspiration & mental illness than demonization & the latter?

Anonymous said...

To: John Lynch
Re: My Schizophrenic Friend
>How do you tell the difference between mental illness & demonization?

I am the owner of a discussion group,Mental Illness and the Demons, that specifically deals with mental illness and demonization.

The group home page address:

The group email address:

You may find something of interest in the posted articles.

Yours truly,
August Cask (Screen Name)

ruth meyers said...

I'm not sure you need to seperate them. According to Jesus' actions, illness of any kind is not in God's will. The same with demonic oppression. It's possibly a combination. I'm convinced that Satan jumps in to any weakness of brain chemistry and hormone imbalance to further his agenda. It's obvious when you see the toll mental illness takes on families. So it makes sense to use all avenues for relief.
Visionary experiences can be had from either source. To determine if it's from God, you need to check the content and the accompanying emotions. Satan will use a little bit of Truth and then twist it. And his messages will never be accompanied with real JOY or PEACE.

John Lynch said...

Thanks for your comment Ruth, that helps. Especially your emphasis on Real Joy & Peace being effects only produced by light, not darkness or death in any form (spiritual or psychological).

John Lynch said...

Helpful article...