Monday, April 03, 2006

To Be or Not To Be

I found a web page on "Restarting a Dead Church" with the following paragraph...

Step 1: Make Sure There is Growth Potential in the Facility's Location
"Not every church is a good candidate for a restart. Rural areas that are losing population, areas of ethnic change, and declining neighborhoods are difficult. The area around a restart church needs to have a definable target group of sufficient size which may be effectively reached by the type of ministry that denomination has to offer."

The church I serve as interim pastor is about 40-50 white folks (most elderly) & is located in a community that has gone from a rural, caucasion demographic to an economically depressed, roughly 80% 1st & 2nd generation Hispanic demographic. What is the future of this little church community?

"Lord, what am I to do here? How am I to pray?"

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John Lynch said...

I just realized I think the Lord led me to find this different point of view on what's happing in my church in response to my recent "Please Float" post & prayer...

"Thanks, Lord. I think I need that."