Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Risky Love

In a month or two, G (unnamed for security purposes... & his legitimate nickname) will be serving as a missionary in Afghanistan. Let's try that again... He's going to be a missionary in Afghanistan! Sounds like the old "worst case scenario" stereotype of Christianity, doesn't it? But he always answers the same... "God sent me. Brothers & sisters in Christ have confirmed my call. My heart breaks for those people. I have to go."

And I believe him. He does have to go. It's his calling from God. It's his obedient action to carry out. But his humble discernment & obedient posture is only part of what makes me so proud of him. I'm even more proud of his love for the lost... & not just Muslims! You should hear him talk about the relationship he's building with a Jehovah's Witness as he pursues him with the love & truth of Christ! He goes after pretty much anyone in his path, actually. G's presence is like a 2 ton elephant of pure, divine love... lumbering gently but powerfully into people's lives. He's authentic, humble, innocent, & irresistible.

Risk without love is too close to either ambition or despair. Love without risk is like too much fluffy, pink cotton candy... pretty & kind of fun but it gets old fast. But risky love ... love that is passionate to the point of great sacrifice & risk ... that'll change the world & shake heaven to hearth with prayer for the needy. G's going to Afghanistan because of risky love lived out in the framework of humble obedience. He will shake heaven to earth with prayer & love & passion; & he will partner with God in both celebration & suffering to accomplish the eternal glory of the deepest heart, in which he shares. What more could any of us want?

(You can visit G's blog from the links at right or contact him to commit your financial support by emailing me for his information.)

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