Monday, June 26, 2006

Article... "Americans Getting Lonlier..."

2006/06/26 Yahoo! News: "Americans Are Getting Lonlier"

It's no surprise that Americans are getting lonlier... the natural result of democratic individualism. But it should be surprising how easily I & other Christians can relate to that lonliness! Where is our "new community"? I'm not criticizing... just crying out!

I dream of the day Aleta & I will be part of a community of fully-surrendered Christ-followers who long to build a connected community... connected to God, connected to each other, & to the dying world next door. A community on the border with one leg in Christ's unified life & one leg among those who've not yet found it.

I do know Christians who are passionate about loving God & being holy. And I also know Christians who are passionate about loving the lost & being relevant. But I struggle to find Christians-in-community who are passionate about both!

Granted, I've only really looked in the Chicago area & I'm limited in my looking by my present church responsibilities. But whatever I don't know about the present postmodern, transmodern, antimodern influx... I do know that I ache with loneliness & so does my wife. I feel it in my bones... in my blood. Words crack & splinter like seeds sown on concrete. Touches fade like snowflakes in my hand. No soil to sustain permanence. No proximity.

Those I know seem to be either dispassionate zombies with forgotten hearts or too busy to heal the wound we, as a people, have stricken ourselves with. I'm one of the latter as are many of my friends... & I ache, as many of them do.

"O Lord... it is Your home that I long for. Not the trappings of accumulation... but a tribe to give myself to. Please, Father. Help me see, follow, & build well."

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Ordinary Radical said...

I like your post. Many of my thoughts and concerns as well.