Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ain't Easy Being Different

If we were "normal", I bet finding a ministry context would feel easier. Even though I've just started searching, I feel like Aleta & I might have a hard time fitting in with churches... even "Emergent" ones!

For example, we're conservative Evangelicals... which means we hold to the inerrancy & authority of the Bible. But because of what we understand that authoritative Bible to say, we're compelled to support both men & women in all forms of ministry (including authoritative) in accordance with their spiritual giftedness not their gender. But I'm finding most churches to be either conservative while disallowing women in authoritative ministry roles, or open to women in all ministries but also open to loads of practices contrary to Scripture.

What can I say? Feels like we're stuck between liberal & conservative excesses. If Sting was an "Englishman in New York" then what are we? Conser-beral? ... or maybe liber-vative? It ain't easy being different! ("Lord, lead us. We surrender all.")

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