Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Three Hearts

As a united nation Israel's three kings were Saul, David, & Solomon. (There was a fourth, but only as an extension of Solomon's personal reign.) In God's sovereignty why did He choose these three? And for that matter, why not start with the good one (David) first instead of the insecurity-ridden Saul?

In the beginning, Adam & Even were given rule over the earth. They were the original human royalty, challenged with the task of ruling the earth & depending on God (avoiding the tree of knowledge which Satan promised would give them independence). After disobeying God's instruction, they experienced the death God warned them about. The first & dominant form that death took in them... was SHAME. They immediately saw their naked selves as shameful & sought to hide behind some not-so-fashionable clothes.

In Israel's beginning, Saul was given rule over the whole nation. He was the first official human "king", challenged with the task of ruling God's people & depending on God. But Saul's heart was filled with the SHAME he inherited from his wealthy & influential father, Kish, whom Saul found difficult to please. Saul is the SHAME-FILLED HEART; & was driven by impulses to hide & compete.

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