Monday, July 17, 2006

"Born Right the First Time"

Kyle's got a thought-provoking post (with comments) on this one HERE. After reading it, the thought welled up in me... We're tired of hearing that we're screwed up.

OK, fine, God rejects us. Great. And why wouldn't He? It seems like everyone else has. After years of feeling rejected by family, friends, & the world-system at large... the bad news of that gospel makes most people I know either whimper into a corner or bare their teeth like a dog that's been kicked one too many times.

In a world that incessantly teaches people to feel worthless, insignificant, weak, & unacceptable... the message of moral depravity stings like lemon juice on a papercut. I pray for every Christ-follower to feel the weight of how important it is to recognize & communicate the worth & glory of every person as an image-bearing creation of God when speaking of the consequences of our rejection of that glory & its personal Source.


Firefly said...

I agree, human nature prompts us to hate ourselves enough for what we consider to be sins. I have yet to find a religion that lifts the spirit more than pelts it with guilt. Let me know if you find one.

John Lynch said...

Hey Paige! First of all, let me say that your niece is ADORABLE! (I visited your blog.) And thanks for commenting with such insight!

Sounds like we've both seen our share of abuse of Christ's true message. That's such a tough obstacle to get over when seeking the real Jesus, y'know?

Remember in the Chronicles of Narnia when Edmund sold out to the White Witch & how Aslan breathed such powerful forgiveness on him later in the story? I think that's such an awesome picture of how the real Jesus works.

It's like that Bible verse in 2 Corinthians 7:10 that says, "The conviction that's from God produces repentance without regret, leading to salvation; but the guilt that's from the world only produces death."

Maybe the problem's not the religion? Maybe it's those who don't really get the religion. After all Jesus Himself said that He came to give us "abundant life", right?

That's how I found Him. I hit rock bottom & began desperately asking Him to help me (even though I wasn't sure He cared). The next thing I knew He was rebuilding my heart ... & my life. Just a total miracle. For real!