Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Home Depot

I love Home Depot.

Really... I love the stuff. I love the smell. I love the orange aprons. I love the choose-your-own-cart-style thing they have going on. I love it all! In Home Depot, I feel like I'm walking through endless possibilities for the spaces in which I live!

I think Home Depot is a lot like a person. It's got a weather-proof body with a giant orange name tag on the front. It orders & eats via delivery vehicles. It extends outside of itself in the form of installation teams & flad-bed rental trucks. It serves a necessary role in the ecosystem of home, office & yard life. And it's filled with all kinds of stuff!

... Yeah... that's where it's really like a person. Inside there are all kinds of useful things! People have physical organs, emotional processes, minds, hearts, spirits... just like Home Depot has registers, racks, products, & all the rest. Every part, necessary for the proper working of the whole.

And yet, what if several aisles of Home Depot were closed off? What if the garden section was entirely blocked from access? Or the lighting section? Or, heaven forbid, the power tool section?! Home Depot just wouldn't be right, would it?

It seems lots of people do just that. We block access, even from ourselves, into certain parts of our being. Painful memories living in the "Family Past" aisle are safely out of reach on the other side of big barricades & beeping forklifts whizzing around to keep visitors away. Honest reflections on character or relationships are inaccessible behind caution tape & "wet floor" signs. Some aisles of the human heart are so barricaded & blocked off that we even forget they're there! Then it comes time to build a deck for the yard & we can't 'cuz the tools we need are hidden in one of our "no-trespassing" zones.

Why are there so many areas in which we fail to enjoy the fullness of life? Why do so many decisions seem to backfire? Why do attempts seem to fail so often? Why do certain kinds of relationships seem so impossible? Why are we so bored? Maybe it's because the things we need for Christ's life & blessing to flow in & through all those areas are tucked away behind canvas & caution tape. Maybe it's time we took a look at what's back there ... faced the pain ... let Jesus reveal & heal what we're so afraid of. Then maybe we'd finally be the Home Depot we were intended to be from eternity past!

After all, in this kind of Home Depot...

"You can do it ... He can help!"

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