Monday, July 17, 2006

No More Full-Time Pastors?

Is it possible the era of the "full-time pastor" is coming to an end?

Could church compensation be more along the lines of benefits & part-time pay so church leaders can spend part-time working in worldly contexts that keep them connected to the lost world beyond their neighborhood borders? Wouldn't that necessitate a broader team of church leaders (2 part-timers for what used to be 1 full-time job)? And wouldn't that simply be awesome?

No more personality-driven churches. No more staff-heavy models of authority. No more pressure to minister because it's your job. Less ministry mixups with career-related ambitions. More life-diversity & emotional balance. Less identity confusion. Is this the freedom Paul experienced as a tent-maker?

Questions & concerns? Sure! First, I'm advocating for the elimination of my profession. Ouch! But maybe that's just what my postmodern soul needs... escape from ministry as a profession! Or second, are there even enough Starbucks in America to employ 100,000 out-of-work pastors? (...kidding)

In any case, I think I might be ready to be gainfully unemployed for the sake of the kingdom. (Did you want me to leave room for milk in that venti dark roast?)

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