Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Real Life

I'm learning that this "new" way of living isn't so radical after all. In fact, it's entirely natural... almost as if it's how life was designed to work. Yes, the original design! That's what we're recapturing!

Acts 2 Communal Living isn't abnormal! Living isolated lives segregated by technology & busyness is what's abnormal.

Team-Functionality isn't abnormal! Powering up on others & consolidating authority out of fear & ambition is what's abnormal.

Wholistic Spirituality isn't abnormal! Sanctifying the "spiritual" part of God's creation while rejecting the physical part as tainted & no longer good is what's abnormal.

Incarnational Missionality isn't abnormal! Not pursuing but waiting for the object of our love to come to us is what's abnormal.

  • Acts 2 Communal Living
  • Team-Functionality
  • Wholistic Spirituality
  • Incarnational Missionality

... These are only radical or revolutionary concepts in that we have strayed so far from normal life. They're simply the natural elements of what normal, everyday, real life was created to look like. Let's drop our artificial constructs that we've grown used to & return to the only kind of life that can satisfy our souls. Let's live the real life!

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Mike said...

What you have outlined here is very natural but is also very counter cultural! Our culture has left most of what is natural, although I have found the yearning never changes. NO matter how unnatural our lives become the need for simple, pure, unhurried, connectedness never leaves or changes. It is easy to call people out to this new, old, way of life. It is not easy, though, for them to step out and give it a try!

John Lynch said...

Mike, I'm reflecting on that last statement: "It is not easy . . . for them to step out and give it a try." Yes. I see that. But why?

I'd be interested in your thoughts on why people resist & what might help them engage in some initial form of communal living?