Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hey look there’s a Costco…

For the first time in more than 3 months I am sleeping in my own bed, and for the first time in over 5 years I am paying for it. Yea baby it feels good. I am all moved in (noticed I said moved in and not settled in or unpacked). I think I have a new passion for moving, in the past 3 months (more in the past month) my wife and I have been looking for a new home. We have been turned down by so many places - we’ve been looking at a home only to find that it was bought or rented just hours ago. In fact, in one instance Sheli may have left her finger prints at a murder scene. But any of you who have been looking for a home know what I am talking about…

As we considered the possibilities, so many things rose like cream to the top of our list…but one thing. more than any other, kept coming up: “look how close we are to…”. I think by nature we want to be close to our surroundings. Paleontologists and hunters look for their game by the watering holes, “why?” well even the animals want to be close to their surroundings.

I think it is even more than that, we want to be intimate with our surroundings. I mean I am not all “Greenpeace” but I do have a respect for the creation the Lord has given us to steward. The Native American Indians really have a good handle on nature, I love to hear them speak of the wind and the earth, the sky and the water, it makes me feel closer to my creator and it makes me feel like I have a distinct position in the “circle of life”.

So as Sheli and I headed back to drop off our U-Haul (oh ya that’s a shameless plug, they came thru for a brother in the ninth hour!) I swelled with excitement. I turned to my wife and said, we can’t be more than a block away from Costco! I mean no sarcasm here…a tear almost came to my eye. For a father of 2 with one ready to pop any day, getting out for the day is like making a go at camp two on Everest. We have diapers, wipes, binki’s, blankets, water, juice, extra clothes, bags, toys, stuffed animals, games, coolers, glasses, sunglasses, purell, snacks, and ya sometimes the kitchen sink. Getting in and out of Costco is enough, but having to drive 30 min to one is like kicking me in the shins.

So it struck me…I am one lazy dog! I get teary thinking about how close I am to Costco and their sweet, sweet polish dogs…no wonder I have trouble connecting with the people I love, I have always been far away. So lets back up a second, what would happen if we were close (I mean really close) to the people we love. Just so happens I know the answer to that. For the past 3 months I have been one of 8 (almost 9) folks living at my in-laws house. Let me tell you, it wasn’t at all like what you are probably thinking in your head. It was great, not any single life changing moment, but little, savory moments like Megan (my 2 year old daughter) ballet dancing every night for her granny just to eek out another 5 minutes before bed. Or casual conversation about a TV show that turned into a deep commentary on the society around us and how we handle ourselves while being in it. Ya I’d call them savory moments, I just marinated in them, realizing that they were fleeting I sucked as much of the marrow out of those moments as I could. Now we are on to making new moments for our little growing family. And once again just to get over to see granny it will be an expedition. I can’t wait for my second son to arrive but you might as well shackle me to my front door. I don’t know if our car will fit all of us!

So what? So why post this arbitrary information as my first post in this blog? I will tell you…1) I had to post something or Johnny would have harassed me even more, and I just can’t take it I tell ya. 2) Its about where you are that makes who you know all the better. Seems like I was on my emotional way down when I said “we are on to making new moments” but seriously I am stoked to make these new connections and new moments. We all have already made new friends with the folks around us. We have had 3 or more families come out and greet us while we were moving in. What an amazing community the Lord has dropped us in. Shine Jesus, Shine…in this family of mine. 3) It only makes sense that a missional community would start with proximity.

This may be of some debate to others but it is now concrete in my heart, mind and spirit. Authentically living this new church experiment means making it real in our own lives and so much so that it doesn’t mean we wait to start, it means we have found ourselves on the path of this journey and we need to now take intentional and deliberate steps to making Jesus known to the folks that see us take out our garbage.


John Lynch said...

Juice, I love the whimsical way you've spun such a profound insight into the life-changing principle that, "It's about where you are that makes who you know all the better." It is a great place to start... for us & for others.

I've been thinking about the two-fold benefit of this "Ancient/New" way of doing life & mission. 1) WE are blessed with a natural context for relationships to take root & grow big & strong. 2) OTHERS (especially the unsaved) are blessed by our relational / missional investment into them that has been so freely overlooked in Western Christianity. So... like you said, "It's about where you are that makes who you know all the better" ... both for US & for THEM!

Thanks for this, man. Can't wait 'til your tribe is one-son-larger! We're praying for a quick, healthy, & enjoyable delivery!

John Lynch said...


(...just needed to throw my own personal label on this to help organize my thoughts. Thx!)