Sunday, October 22, 2006


Had a great conversation with a friend named Dan Brown today. He & two of his friends recently started some youth ministry in response to an inner stirring to reach out with the life-changing life & love of Christ. They're hoping maybe the Lord might lead them to discover open doors into the unchurched community of teens in their area; & while they're not positive the ultimate direction God is leading them, they do know it's OUTWARD. They are following Christ outward.

God is moving people to Gather, Grow, & Go... Not chronologically, but simultaneously. We are gathering AND growing AND going all at the same time in response to the stirring of our God inside & outside of us. And while we wait on God in aggressive prayer, we do not wait to live this out in whatever small way we have access to right now. Dan & those guys are gathering, growing, & going to a group of teens. Aleta & I are gathering with some Christ-followers on campus, growing, & going to our lost friends through a variety of planned & spontaneous hang-out-at-our-apartment gatherings. Yes, we are waiting & praying for God to assemble a team of like-minded, like-hearted saints to literally move into geographical proximity with each other & fully engage in a Gather, Grow, Go lifestyle... but until then, we will begin following Christ's leadership in our little context right here in Lombard, IL.

It's a start... & it's helping us move the ball down the field. "Lead on, Lord. We're all yours."


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