Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A religious majority

"...people who profess faith in Jesus Christ and yet do not attend church make up the largest religious category in America."
- Randy Frazee, The Connecting Church

So my question is, how is this possible? I'm assuming that if this group professes Christ, they had to be part of the church at some point in their lives. Why is such a large group of believers now unchurched?


John Lynch said...

That's a provocative question. Maybe I could add another one... "What changed? The "church" or the people?"

Enriqueta said...

It has everything to do with how we live out church life daily.

A sense of tradition is also a heavyness to many. A lot of people do not want to be there parents, they want some new mod venue.

I think like everything this will pass as we in our generation grow older some of us still love tradition and relish the familiar along with the unknown..

BritBoat said...

John, thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate it! Can I ask, though, who are you? Not that it matters, I just love to meet new people...especially those praying for me. Again, thank you. I feel very blessed.

hockerfamily said...

Maybe neiter changed... and thats the probem.

Every year youth graduate from the upbeat highschool & College ministries and are expected to participate in the same old sunday morning church service. The students didn't change, and neither did the church service they are now expected to attend.

Some have quoted that over 85% of churched highschool students leave the church after graduation.

... and thus the demographic grows a little more each spring...

John Lynch said...

Wow, Brad, that's powerful. It's like when they're old enough to really choose life-directions for themselves, whatever "church" is offering doesn't seem heart-relevant any more. Then again, maybe the modernity model was never really heart-relevant but more false hope floating on highly programmed experiences? So what is heart-relevant (i.e. stirs the hearts & passions) of people in general & people in our culture?