Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I sat in on one of Quentin's seminary classes Monday. It was great! It made me miss my seminary days. In fact, it made me miss them so much that I've begun to realize that I want them back! Not the term-papers or student-loans, but the serious learning forum where discussion is guided by the content of our reading & the authoritative questions & direction of a wise moderator. It's left me wondering if this kind of thing couldn't be reproduced outside of an accredited academic institution?

What if we created "learning groups" where a dozen or so people signed on for 10 weekly gatherings. One or more serious books could be tackled chapter by chapter as assigned & presented by various participants. Group discussion could be guided by a course moderator in lieu of a formal instructor. And, in week 10, participants could present integrated final projects explaining their theories or applications they've begun to incorporate from learnings sparked by the material.

It could be like free seminary for all! (Oh, my throbbing student loans!)

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