Saturday, November 18, 2006

Vessels, Water, & Thirst

I am reminded that our lives are designed as vessels by which we receive Christ's Life through His Spirit and pour ourselves out from that infinite flow. How I have missed the mechanics of this simple truth and found myself all too many times an empty bottle going through the motions.

These questions of healing, church restoration, revisioning, & faith rediscovery... they all seem to come back to the simple principle of receiving & giving Christ's Life... our Living Water.

Father, please fill me up! Jesus, You are my life. In Your Spirit I experience life & peace. Forgive me for so often neglecting the purity of simple devotion to You. I know my faith will only grow in an environment of hope in the truth & love. Forgive my distraction & sinfulness & self-reliance; & bring me to the place I have always longed for but rarely walked toward. Incline my heart more fully toward You. You alone are God. I will set you continually before me. Pleasures are in Your hand forever.

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