Thursday, December 14, 2006

Book Review: "Revolution" - by George Barna

"A great gift to introduce people to the movement." In this book by pollster George Barna, the famed guru of growth models tackles the movement taking place right now among Christians in Western world... & surprisingly, he's all for it! Brother George's passion for effective transformation in the church & eye for cultural trends has morphed him from a modernity, megachurch, number-cruncher into a postmodern visionary that's easy to relate to. He predicts the "Revolution", as he calls it, will impact the whole Western world & bring about dramatic & much needed change in both Christian & secular arenas. Barna's "Revolutionaries" are the exponentially increasing, radically committed, postmodern Christ-followers who are bringing such chaos to the organized church of yester-year. I found the book insightful & encouraging as Barna's new intuitive writing style unpacks & presents what God is doing at this critical point in history. I think his integration of research & Scripture (& 140-page length) appeals to both modern & postmodern perspectives & makes Revolution an effective tool for introducing people into the emerging movement exploding all around us.

2005 edition
2006 printing


David said...

I agree.
Personally I've read books that 'wowed' me more and reading "Revolution" didn't give a whole lot of new information to me, I highly recommend to people who don't know what's happening or are resisting the change. I believe it would definately be a wow for them.

John Lynch said...

I'm with you, brother... 100%