Thursday, December 07, 2006


Thanks John for the invite! I'm excited to read and write as part of this community. I had a blog but retired it when I came back to the United States earlier this Fall. You can still check it out at

Right now I'm going to Seminary and working at a church, a very large church of 2,000 people. It has been a good but frustrating experience. I'm the "part time interim youth pastor" and the job really requires two 40 hour positions. Not one 20 hour position! (That gives you some insight about where I am right now in regards to the church!)

The following is based off a conversation I recently had with some friends, so I can't take full credit for the idea, just thought I would throw it out there.

It is ironic, in the church, that the ordinary has become frightful and the extraordinary mundane. We don't like to or can't talk about sex, marriage, money, or even going to the bathoroom! These are the things of everyday life that are taboo topics from the pulpit and in Christian circles.

However, the extraordinary, the creation of the world, oracles of prophets, Biblical miracles,and the inspiration of Scripture, are common subjects of discussion.

Why is it that we can talk so freely about God becoming man but not about sexual relations between humans? The ordinary scares us and the extraordinary does anything but.


John Lynch said...

Hey, Mike... welcome, brother!

Great post, man... "Why is it that we can talk so freely about God becoming man but not about sexual relations between humans? The ordinary scares us and the extraordinary does anything but."

I wonder if we're victims of a society that shapes us to behave in culturally appropriate (i.e. "moral") ways that are more about politeness than actual spirituality? It seems like an obvious mistake to avoid, but I also wonder if, while technology is making us look very smart, our society might actually be leading us to become increasingly dumb regarding these issues of substance & consequence. It's a tragic paradox to consider the dramatic intellectual gains & losses that have occured in the past few generations.

It's tragic because while assumptions & integrated cultural norms feel fine for people that are comfortably distracted; folks who age or enter into crisis suddenly find themselves without a handle to hope in. It's a heartbreaking reality I witness all the time in my present context. Like the person who, despite warnings, swims far out into the ocean because he feels so strong. When his energy fails, though, he discovers that he has doomed himself to drowning without hope of recovery.

I think mainstream "Christianity", has done just this. It has swam far into the ocean of self-reliance & cultural conformity while forgetting how to pray, think, & reflect... consequently drifting from the real Jesus to become a foolish extension of prudish, naive, traditional social conservatism. As that subtle error that seemed so right in earlier days begins to crumble & sink, people are feeling very insecure & are having a difficult time seeing their way out.

So, given the problem you mentioned & the countless people in bondage to its deception, I wonder what our next steps are as the emerging responsible generation of Christ-followers & global citizens?

Makeesha said...


so true. I got in a bit of trouble from my church after posting a series on sex..Christian married, heterosexual sex even.

I think it's because the deep stuff is ethereal, not REALLY real to us. But the other stuff is in the here and now and deeply affects our daily lives.

John Lynch said...

That's a cool way to put it, Mak. Relating it to our feelings on what is really real.