Monday, December 11, 2006

I Actually Heard It Working!

So I'm on the phone with a children's pastor of a church in the United States (my 'tent making' is to consult churches on curriculum, etc, with a publishing company here in Colorado), and she tells me a story that I have never heard before:

The church is between two neighborhoods, the South side is very affluent and the North side is very poor. A pastor of a Hispanic church who needed a place to worship came to the head pastor of this church and asked if they could rent the facility. The head pastor replied, "Why would you want to do that? We can't partner with you that way."

The Hispanic pastor in a bit of astonishment asked, "We'll what do you want from us then?" The answer was something like, "just be you." And behold; rather than taking more from a church without anything, the Hispanic church began a second service in this facility and have now been blessed with all the resources they need to reach the people they want to reach. In fact, both services helped buy Christmas gifts in an outreach to the poor.

The two churches have remained separate in identity and feel, but have partnered in resources and vision.

What great insight from a pastor who could have taken more and no one would have thought differently. But instead, relationships are being built, partnerships are made, resources are shared, and both churches are stronger because of it.

Maybe we need more partnering and less renting.


John Lynch said...

Cool. Partnering without centralizing & homogenizing. Great stuff.

Makeesha said...

way cool

thechurchgeek said...

great story.