Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Small Group Ministry res(v)olutions

From our very own David Fisher for through Group Publishing.

I don't do New Year's resolutions. Why bother, when you either think you're perfect already, or that you’ll fail by March? That said, I’m going to give it the old college try. However, this isn't about you getting in shape or staying healthy, but your small group. If there's power in numbers, maybe small-group resolutions are attainable. And if you're perfect already, you know everyone in your small group isn't, so read on! >>


John Lynch said...

Right on David! I know a celebrity... Woo Hoo!!! =) Great article brother. Eager to hear how your small-groups journey takes shape.

So I talked to a very cool-sounding guy last week who left his pastoral job & prospering church with his wife, 6 kids, & handful of friends to move to another state & start an incarnational/missional community. He said something I've never heard before... He said that he believed "small groups" (as we know them) are the death of real spiritual growth (or something like that). The ministry he's been leading still does groups, but they're created around their mission & missional context.

I wish I had more detail to give you but that's all I got from our short phone conversation. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to prevent a small group from becoming what most small groups become... ingrown, closed, & eventually - stagnant.

Thanks bro! Watch out for the paparazzis!

David said...

Wow, good stuff John. I'd love to hear more. That's my concern with small groups too and I've been talking with who will head up our small groups and we agree that we wan't to continue to be missional.
We have another great guy joining the journey and he's got a great heart for reaching out in a missional relationship building way. One thing we're thinking of doing (his idea) is going to a bar and studying a non-Christian philosophy book with however wants to join in.
I'll keep ya'all posted on our floudering, flaylings, and the good stuff.

Michael said...

So since you wrote all those nice things about small groups, i will take it upon myself to hold you accountable. Basically what we are looking at is this,you have created the small group commandments. You must follow them to maintain your level of holliness..... LOL J/K silly! But really, I am jazzed to see the small groups begin. I know God has an awesome plan for revolution. We may not have very many people but I know God can still work awesome miracles. I mean Jesus only had 12... Lead on fearless one, and I shall follow!!!