Monday, January 08, 2007

Communion is Not a Joking Matter!!!!

Every time I take Communion, I always think about how I should feel while I am taking it. I understand that Communion is a serious deal. It should be done in honor and respect. HOWEVER, I sometimes think that if you aren't weeping and snotting all over the place, you are viewed as unholy. I recently had Communion at church. It was awesome. We split up into groups and served each other Communion. It was pretty rad. Yet while I was taking it I felt like it was almost a celebration. I felt as I was taking Communion that I was celebrating new life and new beginnings. As magical as this may sound, there were some stares of disapproval. So here's the expected question, "How should one feel while taking Communion?" Then the second question, "Is it wrong to celebrate the Death and New Life that comes along with the crucifixion of Jesus?" Thoughts, Feelings. Concerns??


David said...

I think it can be both.
I'm glad you experienced that actually. ;-)
The first communion was actually a meal of celebration; Passover.
I'd love to do a full meal and break bread sometime during our eating and celebrate what God has done for us.

John Lynch said...

That's awesome, brother. His gift is so that His joy might be in us & our joy might be made full. That's sweet!

Makeesha said...

I've always felt that the power and awesomeness of communion is that it IS both. We remember Jesus' blood shed for us and his body broken for us but if the story ended there, we'd all be pretty screwed. It didn't, Jesus rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven later giving us the Holy Spirit who now indwells all those who strive to make Jesus Lord. So yeah, I think that's worthy of some celebrating!

I tend to feel, as with most things of this nature, that God is a God of the whole of creation but he is just as much the God of the minute - the God of the individual. And I think that he appreciates and values any response from us that is genuine.

Michael said...

Good thoughts friends, good thoughts!! said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks