Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zack & Kelli

Zack grew up and interned at a megachurch in Arizona, married Kelli, and accepted the office of Youth Pastor at a large church in Southern California. He built the ministry up, hired a College Pastor and Jr Hi Pastor to cultivate those groups, and enjoyed what most would consider a very successful ministry and career. Then he gave it all up.

With no job prospects, Zack, Kelli, and their young kids picked up and bought a house in Arizona. They had been convicted by God that the professional ministry lifestyle they were doing so well at was outside of the kind of front-lines evangelism and discipleship Jesus modeled in His lifetime. Zack started a design company and they began making friends in the community. They launched into a variety of "common ground" opportunities where they could meet ordinary people living ordinary lives and encounter them as incarnational witnesses to Christ's person and message of hope and life.

Their community has several different faces and the dream continues to grow among them. As Zack, Kelli, their partners, and their friends press deeper into Christ, community, compassion, and creativity together, they are opening themselves to be shaped by God while becoming shapers of their world. They gather all the time and Christ's redemption message of repentance and growth frequently comes up. People are engaging in safe conversations about life in a context of loving community, and a number are beginning to follow Jesus for the first time.

Zack and Kelli readily admit they're all in process, but also eagerly confess that they're gaining ground in living the way of Jesus. They left everything to try to live just how Jesus lived; and people are being transformed because of it. They're pioneers with a big heart and an impassioned dream; and they're committed to follow Christ, every step of the way. Check their ministry site out HERE.


2e said...

Wait, this isn't about Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski? They didn't get married?

John Lynch said...

LOL! Dude, you have the uncanny ability to take me back to my youth in an unbelievably short amount of time! Long live the 80's!!! (Yes, hyperglow WILL TOO come back in style!)