Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Missional Leadership: HT: Blind Beggar

I was just talking Sunday with someone about how "corporate" and "business-like" we are in the Church and as we work to find good "order" in our service, I struggle with EVERY SINGLE ONE of the existing models I have been exposed to and involved with.

...and now I find this blog entry and it makes me want to jump out of my chair!

From blind beggar's entry:

I was recently reading a paper by Krista Petty titled, “Making Good Ideas Happen: How to Help Your People Unleash Their Best Innovations,” where she talks about flipping the common church leadership paradigm and equipping and guiding the people of God to launch new ministries. Like Dr. McDill, she sees two models.

Using the first diagram below, Ms. Petty explains, “The senior minister, staff or leadership are paid to come up with the vision and direction, followed by the events, activities and programs to make the vision a reality. Often, leaders have the ideas and together with the people, they do the work.”

Instead of this American triangular organizational business model with top-down results, Petty suggests that “shared-vision leadership can present itself more like a diamond as both leaders and individuals shine with vision and passion to reflect blessing to the community. As individuals are impassioned with service ideas, successful church leaders will not be the only keepers of the vision; they will also serve as a conduit and encouragement for helping others develop in Christ and for community ministry benefit.” Sounds similar to Dr. McDill’s edification model.


John Lynch said...

I like upside down leadership diagrams because they affirm the task & importance of leadership to catalyze all the other gifts while exposing the "authority" & "power" assumptions we generally give the office.

John Lynch said...

(I also like the mutual submission, team stuff too... Sorry for not commenting on the main point!)

John Lynch said...

Okay, I'm commenting a lot on this one. I've been thinking about that gap between "People In The Church" & "Church Leadership". I don't want to read too much into the diagram... but something about the separation between the two feels a bit off. Waddayathink?

Makeesha said...

I agree, my cheering isn't because I think it's perfect but because I love that someone is thinking outside the box

Missional Jerry said...

Great stuff once again