Wednesday, January 10, 2007

shameless plug

I just thought I'd share an article I wrote over at the Porpoise Diving Life.

....because I can ;)

It's called "From Dialog to Action" and it's my feelings about the church in 2007

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John Lynch said...

Awesome article, sister. I loved your word on the ever-increasing cultural lexicon neoChristians are using. (You can add "neoChristians" to the list... no charge. =) I also fully dug the issues you list toward the end of your article that will require our attention, interpretation, & real-life application. And your note on how to love & partner with institutional "traditionalists" is one that sounds like the very voice of Christ.

To everyone but Mak (& her husband, whom I'm sure has committed her article to memory as an act of loving support)... It's worth a twice-read! In encourage everyone to check it out.

Life & peace on the journey. I'm happy as a kid in a candy-shop to be on it with you.

- JL