Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shane Claiborne / Heroic Example

Though I'm sure he'd never accept the title & would probably choke back a gag reflex if he ever read this, it's easy for me to think of Shane Claiborne as a modern-day hero for Western Christ-followers. No, neither he nor his ministry is perfect; but there are some stunning elements in his lifestyle that are worth imitating as they imitate Christ's example.

The Jan/Feb issue of Relevant published an article by Shane, describing what he's doing in Philadelphia with The Simple Way. It's a killer article describing their application of some of Christ's clearest commands; and I think there's a lot we can learn from it. I've made the whole article available as a PDF HERE (...trusting that Relevant will see this more as free marketing rather than copyright infringement). It's well worth the read!


thechurchgeek said...

In case anyone's interested I wrote a sermon a few weeks ago which included my struggle to read shane's book...

Sermon: www.thechurchgeek.com/?p=206

John Lynch said...

Very cool. Thanks Jim!

Adam Gonnerman said...

Looks like a good article. I'll print it out and read it through this evening. Thanks.

2e said...

JL -

Check out this website - http://www.stevekmccoy.com/reformissionary/2006/04/theolpraxis_the.html

it's got a theology of the suburbs, of which I've read the first two posts--good stuff. A short excerpt from the second one:

The most powerful forces in a context are often those ...that are implicit and unconscious. ... who is shaping the imaginations of the people? ... Who is telling the stories that give shape to the suburban ethos?

This last question is a powerful one.

John Lynch said...

Hey Adam -

Thanks for the lead on Steve's site & that quote. The notion of how imagination & story shapes culture is a poignant one for me. It's the difference between forcing behavior from the outside (i.e. institutionally) vs. growing values from the inside (i.e. culture).

I'm also reading some of the other articles he linked to on his site. Awesome stuff! Thanks man!

(Wanna grab some beers Monday?)

Mark H said...

It looked like some time back we had stopped living Christianity and just started studying it

What happens when one man asks himself that question?

Read Shane Claiborne's story in a post by John Lynch. You may not feel called to go exactly where he's gone, or to do it exactly the way he's done it, but your heart will totally break for living as an authentic Christ-follower.