Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thoughts on Religion...

This is a blog that my roomate Chad wrote. I think it tells a story of a thousand words!

I think that Christianity has been to closely linked to church. Church has become a place where you put on your Sundays best and try to impress as many people as possible. People have no desire to go to church because who wants to be a people pleaser. Therefore, people see what church is to them and relate it to being a christian. Before I go any further, let me define what I think a Christian really is and what a christian is not.

Christ came to earth to free us to be fully alive. He intended us to regain our hearts back. If you've ever noticed, it is incredibly hard to find people who are really genuine. I mean the real deal. Sometimes when I talk to people, I feel like the whole conversation is like a routinely rehearsed dialect. People are indeed afraid to be who they really are and unfortunately, it is mostly common to find unauthentic people within the church or religious setting. A church shouldn't be a place to go to perform a certain way. There's too much of that already. A church is a place where you should be able to be your true self and express the way you really are inside.

A Christian to me isn't someone who lives a routine and meaningless life of church participation, tithing, etc. A Christian is not someone who lives his or her life based upon some tradition that they've learned over the years. Rather a christian is somebody who really is fully alive because of Jesus. Who has passions and desires that are good and quarks that arent' good and isn't afraid to express them. It's not just about duty. Rather its more about a real type of feeling inside that cannot be dismissed.

It peaves me to see people, especially in church, who just do things because they should or because if they don't they might be rejected. That not what the gospel (good news) says. Gospel means good news for a reason. Good news is when you find out that your cancer is gone. Good news is when you one a free trip to Hawaii or that your breath doesn't smell bad. Well, anyway, I just needed to get that off of my chest. What do you think?

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Mark H said...

Absolutely spot-on Chad! Great words.

The challenge is for authentic Christians to help the church get her act together. Church is God's plan for the world, but we've tried to make it our plan for God! People can't see God's Church anymore - they can only see ours.

We're sorry Lord. We see the mess we're in, but we're not walking away from it, we're not abandoning Your plan. Please come and revive us.

John Lynch said...

Right on, Mark.

David said...

well said!
wacky too, I just posted on mysite (to not steal whatever thunder was here - I hadn't read it yet) about something very similiar!

Great minds think alike.