Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Travis & Jyll

Travis is a friend from youth ministry days in Phoenix. He participated in megaministry in both Phoenix and California, spearheading a new college ministry called The Movement. Trav's always been big on evangelism and high on walking with the Spirit. So pretty much all his ministry involvements have resulted in growth in both number and depth. But even with that, Travis and his wife Jyll sensed there was more to the life and calling of Christ than simply this.

After a lot of prayer, Trav and Jyll discerned God was calling them to move to Rhode Island to begin building an alternative community that was fiercely devoted to personal evangelism and discipleship as well as the opportunity and responsibility of all who bear the name of Christ to work toward His kingdom justice for the oppressed and broken.

I could go on but Travis's recent email puts it best...

Our past month was pretty difficult. On top of stresses of a new baby and moving, we're living with the in-laws temporarily and are still not in Providence yet. We're in Worcester MA; so we feel like we're stuck in limbo until we get to Providence. We're praying for God's guidance about whether we should try to buy a condo or a a house, or if we should rent. We just need to get our own place and get fully settled so that we can start our mission in Providence. Its pretty hard from 30 minutes away. Please pray that we can get something and that God would really guide us intothe right situation. . . With all that, Jyll and I are doing well. We know we're being tested, and we're learning how God is our strength.

Two sundays ago we had a gathering at one of Jyll's cousin'shouses in Uxbridge Mass. This could be one of the communities we start. We had about 12 people there including Teagan. It went OK, there was the problem of a super preachy Christian who really made it somewhat annoying. I'm going to have to talk to her so people who aren't believers won't felt as uncomfortable. Please pray for that area and that I might have the opportunity to disciple some of these people to living missionally in their own towns.

Jyll and I are meeting with the pastor of Renaissance Church again in two weekends to have dinner. He is a great guy and really makes us feel like we're on the same team and trying to reach the same city. Jyll's big art show is also this friday and saturday and thesaturday after that. So please pray that we get to know some peopleand make some friends. We've had some great opportunities so far on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and at a few events to get out and meet people and be involved in the city. So please pray for these artshows that they would generate more momentum for Jyll's art, and forour opportunities in the community.

The email snippet is just a glimpse into Travis and Jyll's life right now; but it's enough to challenge and encourage us all. They've left the familiar and are following God into the missional life He commanded in Scripture and demonstrated thru the person of Christ. Please pray for Travis and Jyll as they continue to go deeper into their call and this lifestyle.

You can visit their ministry blog HERE.


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