Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Post on Lent, what are you giving up?

Red Meat
Most TV including all sports.

I want to pray, read, write, and be more creative with my time.
I want to eat more organic food.

Basically, I want to use Lent as a launching pad for lifestyle change.
If I just fast cheetos till Easter, I'll eat 4lbs of cheetos the day after.



John Lynch said...

TV for me, brother. A friend told Aleta and I about how one of the benefits of fasting in the early church was recaptured time for worship and ministry. Cutting out TV will force me to fill evening time with something else... hopefully worship and ministry! And now I'm accountable! (Thanks for asking!)

David said...

Me too brother!
And I can't spend all night on blogs either, but it beats TV.
I'm with you...
worship and ministry.

Al said...

I'm fasting from tv. I wanted to give this up because first off, I waste way too much of my time watching tv that I want to reclaim. Secondly, I don't think I've been spending enough time with the Lord. Hopefully this will be a good catalyst to change both of those problems - for more than just 40 days.