Thursday, February 01, 2007

Interview with Brian McClaren

I thought the Criswell Theological Review's interview with Brian McClaren last spring shed a bit of light on some of the essential concerns addressed by the present Postmodern Reformation. McClaren says,
Church attendance is stagnant or declining in the U.S., and it has sunk to historic low levels in Europe and many other parts of the world. It appears that the church is growing rapidly where pre-modern people enter modernity, but where modern people move into a postmodern cultural milieu, the Christian faith has not yet understood or engaged the questions they’re raising. So, many of us are seeking to faithfully incarnate the gospel of Jesus Christ—the gospel of the kingdom of God available to all through Jesus—to people in our mission context. Really, we're just acknowledging and seeking to enter a new mission field - not on a new continent, but one that is emerging on all continents. So, in this sense, what people call "the emerging church" (a term I don't particularly like because it can sound divisive) is really "the church that is engaging with the emerging culture."
Read the entire interview here.
Source: CT n.s. 3/2 (Spring 2006) 5-14AN INTERVIEW WITHBRIAN MCLARENR. Alan Streett, EditorCriswell Theological Review.

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