Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Justice or Torture?

Joe Arpaio - Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona, USA.

Check out both sites...

Is Joe fighting for justice?

Or is it torture?


David said...

By the way, there are more sites than these two, but I felt these were the most consice and were closest to the people involved without excess commentary.

John Lynch said...

Oh man, I know about Joe. Being from Arizona and having family and friends who've been in prison down there, I have to say... he's got a sweeping reputation for being unsympathetic and unfamiliar with the dynamics of reform. A total old-school cowboy. Definitely not my hero.

David said...

I thought about you when I saw a story on him actually.
Um, not cause you remind me of him...but simply cause you are from AZ.

Makeesha said...

He's from the old school mentality that says if you punish people hard enough, you will deter them from committing crimes. There are many fundamental flaws with that logic and plenty of statistics that show that it isn't that "simple". not to mention, what are we sacrificing (like, our humanity maybe?) when we behave this way toward criminal offenders (or suspected offenders).

Not that I think county jails should treat their inmates like royalty mind you, but I personally am not of the mindset that reform is a result of more jails with worse conditions.

John Lynch said...

My dad does prison ministry on the west coast. The living example of countless inmates gives testimony to the fact that harsh prison conditions only entrench and reinforce dynamics of shame and rebellion - the motivators for deviant behavior. Education and Jesus are the best proven methods for radical behavioral reform (not to mention a total rennovation of a broken heart)!

It's worth thinking about. Better yet, it's worth getting involved in.

Here's a few opportunities...
* Prison Fellowship
* Bible Believers Fellowship
* Freedom Foundation Fellowship

David said...

thanks for the insight...and stuff.