Tuesday, February 27, 2007

* The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Apparently Terminator, Rambo, Aliens and Titanic weren't enough for Hollywood's James Cameron. His new big splash is sensationalized documentary. After His 2006 Exodus Decoded project in which he explains the biblical plagues as the result of misinterpreted volcanic activity (uuuh, okay), he's just produced "The Lost Tomb of Jesus", to be aired March 4 on the Discovery Channel in a sort of "DaVinci Code" meets "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault" style presentation.

Cameron and his director Simcha Jacobovici (the same guy who presented the James-brother-of-Jesus headstone in 2002) claims that 10 ancient ossuaries in Jerusalm with names like Joseph, Mary, and Jesus held the remains of Christ and His family, including his wife Mary Magdelene (wonder where he got that idea - thank you Dan Brown) and his son, Judas.

Cameron and Jacobovici's presentation differs from the 1996 attempt at this theory by the BBC in that they employ statistical analysis demonstrating the likelihood that these names are the biblical family (because we all know statistics can't be altered or spun to produce desired results). Ironically, (or not) the archaeological community remains skeptical. Other "Tomb of Jesus" theories include India, Japan, and Kashmir (by Islam).

MSN / NBC Article (great article)

So here are my two questions...
1) Does this program (airing March 4 on Discovery Channel) or claims like it, affect your feelings on the biblical story or the supernatural account of Christ? How and why?
... and ...
2) How do you think the public debate on this has been handled so far? (e.g. CNN, Larry King Live, etc.) Are you being represented?
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