Friday, February 02, 2007

The Need to be Ever-Changing

Change. People normally don't get very excited about the idea of change. There's usually a strong impulse to resist leaving the familiar, convenient, and safe and move into the unknown, inconvenient, and risky. But then, life is full of change, isn't it? Seasons, stars, stages of living... I think it's fair to say that change is how God designed the universe to function.

When I think of change, I think of walking. I don't walk much now with the subzero weather we're having; but when spring comes back (and I'm trusting it will) I'll be spending a lot of time outside... walking. There's a large field of grass and trees outside our apartment where I love to walk and soak it all in. I lift one foot off the grassy earth and place it onto a new patch of grass as I move forward, one foot in front of the other. Change is just like this. No matter how good one place is, moving forward requires leaving it in a sense so that we can gain new ground.

Ephesians 4:15 says, "We are to grow up in all aspects into Christ who is our head." I wonder if sometimes we might forget that growth is itself a type of change. If we resist change then we resist growth; and we will never become the fully alive people God dreams for us to be!

How is God calling you to change? Where is He calling you to go? What is He calling you to let go of? Is it a habit? A grudge? A certain loyalty? Maybe its even some core aspect of your lifestyle! Whatever it is, when God calls there is only one answer that will result in our blessing. It is the answer of obedience... the answer of change.

As we claim the name of Jesus as our banner, we are claiming our commitment to be a people in motion who are ever-changing as we follow Him. Some of His changes are difficult and slow; but all of them result in overwhelming blessing! Let's say Yes to God as He calls us to change in what are often risky-feeling ways. Let's move forward and gain ground. Let's leave behind our fear and embrace Christ's love as we trust that we do not know the future, but we do know the God of the future. And after all, "If God is for us, who is against us" (Romans 8:31)?

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