Saturday, February 24, 2007

What do we do with Nazareth?

Despite all His other options, God chose for Jesus to grow up in Nazareth, a tiny little town of around 300 peasants and share-croppers... of which Jesus was one. Just three miles to the north was Sepphoris, Herod Antipas' capitol city of 30,000. Also, to the far south was Jerusalem, a place where even at twelve years old, Jesus would've been heartily welcomed as a Talmudine (disciple) of the greatest Rabbis in Israel. And yet, despite His many opportunities, Jesus repeatedly denied Himself the trappings of wealth and fame and fashion and power as it is all understood by the world.

What does the example of Jesus' peasant life of poverty in Nazareth mean for us as we seek to live in the footsteps of our Rabbi thru the leading and power of God's saving Spirit?


Adam Gonnerman said...

Coming from a farm near a wide spot in the road called Hurdland in northeast Missouri (population 200) I know that God works in small places and little people. It seems to have started with a man named Abraham....

What impresses me is how the coming of Jesus as the children of peasants of an oppressed nation with a long history of rebellion against God reveals the heart of God, and shows us the kind of heart we can have in Him.

John Lynch said...

Totally, Adam. Such grace! Thanks man.