Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lifestyle Challenges

George Barna writes, "This is a war that is not won by force. It is won by the daily demonstration of courageous faith - the faith to be God's person wherever He puts you, doing whatever He calls you to do. Don't wait to sign up. Just live it." (Revolution).

My question is this. What are the specific challenges and specific next steps we face today as we seek to "just live it"? What are the obstacles and opportunities to living FULLY in the Kingdom lifestyle of Jesus?
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David said...

Programs and sign ups limit risk.
Missional expands risk.
The institutional church likes to limit risk.
Therefore it makes it harder to 'just do it' cause you might end up doing it on your own, which creates more risk.

So your question begs the question, what do we do to overcome the obstacles we face?

John Lynch said...

You're right, David. Identifying the obstacles will lead to questions on overcoming them. For me right now, though, I'm interested in identifying the giants we face in this battle for authentic kingdom living.

One challenge for me is Availability.

The kingdom way of Jesus is an available way. The Gospels tell us of some times when Jesus and His disciples didn't even have time or space to eat a meal. It's difficult for me to make myself available. It means I need to be a better steward of my "free" time to rest and be renewed.

What else?