Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lessons in Missional Living (Mike & Kim)

After a decade of youth minitstry, my friends Mike & Kim, with their three small kids, have launched into a life of ministry outside the traditional institutional church. Since Aleta and I are heading toward something similar, I've become a careful student of their experience. The following is their latest update.

We are only 3 months into this new adventure and we are amazed with how much we are learning. One major lesson we have encountered thus far has been a lesson in patience. We are leaning that relationships take a lot of time to build. We are needing to be patient and allow things to progress naturally. Thus, I would use one word to characterize what we are trying to do this first year ...


No, I am not talking about sitting up straight! What I mean by “posture” is the stance we take in our community. In essence, how we are perceived by those we are trying to bless and reach. We are working hard to position our family and those who gather with us in such a way as to be advocates for those we are coming in contact with. An advocate is one who supports and speaks in favor of, one who pleads for another. We will use this year to become know as “friends of sinners”. This is what it will take for us to truly be “on Mission” in our current context.

This is not to say we will seek to enable or approve of sin but we will not shun or make people feel uncomfortable around us because they have sin in their life. Our gathering will be a place of belonging so the sojourners (spiritually curious) who are joining us can belong, before they believe. We will be “ok” with and even encourage process that may even include letting others disagree with us, with out giving up on them. This is not always easy when our ultimate goal is to share our relationship with Jesus with them.

Posture one of the main reasons I have pursued and landed the job at the new Apple store. I begin my training this week and I am looking forward to being a tangible blessing to my fellow employees and allowing God to use me there.

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cindi said...

Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. Please continue to write about what you are learning/experiencing. I'm so intrigued.

I just got home from a conference in San Francisco with two of my colleagues who I love (but don't happen to be Christ-followers). We passed a man on the street today holding up a sign that said "Jesus Christ loves you" and one of my co-workers said (rather annoyed) "I think we have *all* heard that message. People don't need to keep saying it." And it just made me realize that this message shouldn't be silenced, it just desperately needs an authentic medium/voice (actions and love instead of signs). Anyhow... thank you so much for stepping out and speaking with your lives.

John Lynch said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Cindi, & for your insight on communicating love authentically and relationally. It's simple to say, but has such profound (& wonderful) lifestyle implications!

BTW - My wife (graphic designer & artist) loves your blog and we're both looking forward to meeting you once we're back in Phx this summer. Life and peace in Christ our all!