Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Pint of Coke, One Seat Away

I talked to our youth group about Absolute Truth on Sunday night. Instead of giving them a counter-productive "4 Spiritual Laws on Absolute Truth" I talked about Jesus as Absolute Truth and how we can witness to that testimony. We looked through Acts 17 and I talked about how I sometimes go to bars to do evangelism. Granted, I have on 3 occassions gone to a bar and done my devotions. But it never turns out to be evangelism. I go at least once a week with 2 of my friends but we always isolate ourselves and talk about life. So one of the students asked me afterwards how it was going, and I said, "slow... non-existent!"

So driving back home the Spirit continued to convict me. I'm kind of a snob with beers but Bono's Pub looked inviting enough. I walked in and there were 4 guys at the bar, one of them being the bartender! One fellow took off almost immediately, another guy was enamored with a game machine, feeding dollar bills into it for an hour. It was really sad, really heartbreaking.

After the bartender got me a pint we talked briefly and seeing that I was harmless he took his seat at the bar again. Me and the other fellow ended up talking for about an hour. We talked about Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, motorcycles, his girlfriend, Milwaukee, his work, etc. Things that I really have no interest or ounce of knowledge about! But I started to create a relationship. I entered their space.

We all shook hands when I left and I said, "see you next Sunday night." They said, "We'll be here." I don't know if I was effective. Heck I don't know if they'll remember me. I didn't even give or get their names. But I'm expecting to see them this Sunday. As much as I want to be accomodating and "enter their space." I also want to be aggressive and bold.

I need to now "create space." I'm not going to walk into Bono's on Sunday with a Bible and a tract. Nope, but I am going to be different. I'm going to order a Coke. Man, I like beer, but I'm going to order a Coke. And I'm going to sit one seat way. I pray God can show up to Bono's pub on Sunday, in a pint of Coke, sitting one seat away.

~ Mike

(This post written by Mike Moore, a friend and partner, who can't post from his computer at Northern Seminary because their firewall is designed to keep surfers away from dangerous sites... apparently like this one.)

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John Lynch said...

Dude, I love this. Especially that you went alone and with intention. It seems like "first contact" in a bar is easiest either by being there alone or by being there a lot. (Alone's cheaper.)

A decade ago, before I was very serious about this whole "Jesus" thing, I used to drop $50-$100 a week at the local sports bar with a buddy. We'd play pool or Golden Tee, smoke 'til we couldn't breathe, and shoot the breeze with locals, wait-staff, bartenders, and Marty, the manager.

I wish, I wish, I wish I would've been more ready to offer the treasure I had in my soul to them. They were such cool, such broken people... totally open to hear some hope. (I also wish I would've spent more time talking and less money drinking.)

Thanks for posting this. And for doing it. Stellar and fully encouraging example!