Thursday, April 19, 2007

Standing With Rosio

As I move deeper into Christ's kingdom worldview of reconnection, I'm recognizing more of both Satan's work of disconnection and God's gracious and often unexpected provisions of restoration.

This morning my friend, Bob, and I were having breakfast at a local joint when our waitress noticed my Bible. "Pray for me too," she said, "I need it." "What's your name?" I asked. Tears glistened in her eyes as she answered, "Rosio." Just a week earlier, Rosio, a young Christian, and her three small children moved away from her abusive, alcoholic boyfriend of nine years. In fear for herself and her children, she had also filed a restraining order, hoping to finally escape the violent threat she had lived under for so long. With coffee-pot in hand, Rosio allowed Bob and I to pray for her. But God was putting together an opportunity for more than just prayer.

Literally, just a few minutes later, Rosio came back to our table, trembling. "He's here," she said with a whispered voice. "He got out of jail this morning; and now he's here to get me." Bob and I left our table and walked to the awkward figure standing near the kitchen, pungent with the smell of sweat, smoke, and alcohol. We didn't say much, but our presence along with the manager and other employees and the threat of a call to police, was compelling enough for him to leave. Afterward, Bob and I talked with Rosio for a bit, encouraging her toward freedom and hope.

The victory of this morning wasn't merely in Rosio temporarily averting a threatening situation or in the prayerful words of encouragement we were able to give. The victory God was orchestrating was one of reconnection. It was that in the midst of her critical moment, Bob and I were able to simply stand with Rosio in Jesus' name. We joined her in her emotionally overwhelming moment of need. We were a small voice of encouragement, a presence through which God could whisper, "As these are with You, so I am with you... and even much more." It was a reminder and an invitation to Rosio to embrace His call toward reconnection. A call to live a life, not alone and in fear, but encouraged, connected, and truly alive, in the organically interconnected kingdom reality Jesus offers.

Satan had undoubtedly been arranging this crisis as a way to cast Rosio back into the fear that prevents authentic, life-giving relationships. But God, as He so frequently does, had already mobilized a few unwitting agents of reconciliation to speak His life-giving words and to be His life-giving presence that would help turn this intended defeat into a small victory leading closer to the freedom and healing He is so eager to give to this frightened, but seeking, young woman.

Just one small connection; but through it and many moments like it, the kingdom, like a mustard seed, continues to grow, reconnecting what's been broken. And this kingdom worldview we are discovering continues to grow clearer day by day, moment by moment, relationship by relationship. And I'm more convinced than ever that the essence of participating in Christ's reconnected kingdom reality is more about simply going than knowing what we'll do once there.


Alan Knox said...


Thank you for this post. Your story reminds me of James 2:15-17 -

If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and filled," without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

This sister was not in need of clothing or daily food, but she was in need nonetheless. You've challenged me by living out your faith.


John Lynch said...

Amen, Alan. Let's keep sharing our stories! BTW, would you be interested in joining the Hungry and Thirsty contributing team? As a still-budding community forum, we're continually looking for more people who might be willing to invest some time leading conversations over here. Lemme know! (

Anonymous said...

What an incredible circumstance the Lord placed us into today. I am sure Rosio, as she conveys this story to her Christian girlfriends, will recognize the unquestionable divine fingerprints on this encounter.

She serves breakfast to a couple of loud talking Christian bubbas who happen to dine that day, on that hour, at her table...and in response to her urging, we pray for her abusive domestic situation only to stand in her physical defense from her boyfriend, literally in a matter of minutes of that prayer in Christ's name. Hmmmmmmmmm.

What a demonstration of God's obvious care for her and validation of the rightness of the new-found direction He has been leading her into spiritually. Sure glad we were there!

- Bob

Aussie John said...


I'm encouraged by your account, and by your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in responding,not only in prayer, but in a way which was practically beneficial.

cindi said...

thank you for sharing this experience with us. you have no idea what this thought just did inside of me....

Aleta Lynch said...

Thank you so much for this story, what an encouragement!

David said...


2e said...

So, I'm reading a book called "Holy Scripture." It's heavy but speaks about the idea of revelation as reconciliation. God's very engagement with the world, his initial moments of beginning to reach us, that is reconciliation. Catch me some time, I'll show you the book, throw some quotes at you.

John Lynch said...

Awesome Adam... & thanks man. I look forward to it!