Monday, April 16, 2007


Having grown up in Arizona where there are two seasons, (nice and hot) every year when spring comes around here in the Midwest, I think to myself that it is nothing short of miraculous. After a long winter of way below freezing temperatures, short days, and overcast light, when the sun comes back out and things start turning green with life it’s a truly spiritual experience.

Today is that day for 2007. The sun is out, the grass is turning green, and the large mounds of snow and ice are melting into little trickling rivers. Birds are migrating back into town, squirrels are coming out of hibernation and chasing one another around, trees that were nothing more than brown stumps through winter are budding to life again… in short, life is visible again.

Through the long winter it is hard to imagine that life exists below the surface. First the snow comes and it’s beautiful and fluffy and white. Over time it compresses down into dense heaps of thick ice and then it turns to hard rocklike ice mounds. As the winter goes on, it gets deeper and denser and it weighs down on what was previously alive below it. I’m always surprised when the grass comes back in the spring because in the dead of winter, with all of that snow and ice weighing on it, it seems that the life could have been pressed right out of the grass. But isn’t that How the Lord works? What is meant by Satan to harm us is turned into life. The snow and ice melt and become water – the very thing that nourishes and feeds the ground it has been crushing for so long. The weight of the snow and ice dissipates and becomes life-giving.

Today is a beautiful fulfillment of God’s promise for his kids here in Chicagoland. Spring always, inevitably, and faithfully follows the winter.


flyawaynet said...

Your post reminds me of the verse:

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.

I'm so glad God has never failed to bring that springtime.

John Lynch said...

Aleta, I am so very encouraged by the message (and real presence) of spring! Today, I'm working outside, and can't help but feel a kind of heart-elation in this awakening season of beauty and warmth. What a bluprint of redemption, sown in the fabric of creation from before sin was even realized. Our God-Provider... simply awesome! Thanks for this post.